Delicious “no make-up” make-up

Every month on the most popular social media platforms, like Instagram, you can see the latest trends in coloured and skincare cosmetics. Aspiring bloggers are trying to create something new that will captivate the entire online community. Sometimes these trends reach the dimension of complete absurdity, but apparently they do somehow work. At least, that's what multiple photos and short videos are trying to prove.

That's where strange trends begin: someone shows amazing results claiming they used some outrageous method, no one would even think to try. For example, one of the users posted a picture showing her naturally brightened and contoured complexion. In the world of make-up and photoshop it shouldn’t be surprising - there are already millions of Instagram photos like this. However, this picture stood out thanks to the description. The user claimed she did not use any cosmetic product to achieve this subtle make-up look. Instead, she used food.

A bit of honey here, a tiny amount of yogurt there

The idea delighted both well-known and freshly starting fashion bloggers. It was them, who suddenly began to use this idea themselves or add new things to it. Starting with contouring and brightening, soon the trend suddenly began to include every part of everyday make-up. And although the idea seems a bit scary, it is apparently very healthy for the skin.

The simplest recipe for lightening the skin around the eyes, forehead, nose and of course the chin consist of a natural yogurt, honey and coconut water. Mixing these products together and applying to the desired areas for about 15 minutes should naturally brighten and soften the complexion. For contouring, use honey and coffee. Many bloggers have also decided to add a bit of self-tanner to the face for clearer results. Everything should be applied to the desired areas and left for several minutes. After washing off all the food make-up, you should notice a smooth and soft skin, which is properly brightened and darkened where it should be.

To be fair, no one suspects that this trend will stay for long. It is experiencing only a temporary wave of popularity, just to become replaced with an even more absurd idea.

So what next?

No one really knows – the truth is that every new social media influencer tries to get their breakthrough by doing something unusual. It might be simply weird or even dangerous. After all there have been beauty gurus, who tried to apply make-up with knives, stilettos and many other items created for a completely different purpose.

Unfortunately, what all those influencers tend to forget, they’re watched by hundreds, thousands and more viewers, who might copy their behaviour. It happens especially among younger audience, who just want to be as popular as their favourite bloggers. Kids and teenagers are also more oblivious to what is actually happening in the video – they’re missing the parts, where influencer edited out their attempts to fix makeup with proper tools or even their starting from the very start.